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Modern living is incomplete without air conditioning, heating and ventilation facilities. We cannot imagine the situation when our air conditioner starts creating problems and demands repair and servicing. It may be aircon leak repair or refrigerant repair, but it should be done by a professional technician only.

Aircons are designed to provide comfort and improve the indoor environment of our homes, offices, educational institutions and commercial premises.

In short, air conditioning is a simple process that removes heat and moisture from the living spaces, making them cooler and comfortable.

Aircons regulate enclosed areas’ internal environment and temperature, which is a continuous process. 

Long and continuous running is common for Aircons, so they need proper and timely maintenance.

Regular servicing and maintenance are helpful in the smooth functioning of the aircon unit. The frequency of servicing depends on various factors, including the aircon model, its age and usage.

The general recommendation for servicing is twice a year, depending on the environment and frequency of usage.

Before we learn more about servicing and repairing, let us explore the numerous advantages of having an aircon at home or office, particularly an HVAC unit.

Creates a better working environment

Working or staying inside a hot and humid environment is harmful. Aircons control heat and humidity inside the rooms and prevent health issues due to high temperatures. 

The aircon should be installed to regulate temperature and humidity for a better working environment.

Improves mental ability and comforts the body

It is proven that your ability to think deteriorates as the body gets tired of getting exposed to hot temperatures for long hours. 

Air-conditioners create a favourable indoor temperature for the body to adjust its temperature. This enables the mind to think and act in a better way.

Prevents the respiratory system from dust, allergies and asthma

The air conditioner prevents dust, particulates and pollutants from getting inside the room. It blows filtered, light, and cool air, preventing our respiratory system from various allergies, insects, and asthma.   

As part of the HVAC unit, the aircon avoids humidity and dampness to set in and induce better sleep for the room’s inhabitants.

Furthermore, the moisture inside the room can damage the interiors, so aircon help maintain a favourable environment.

With so many advantages, aircons make our lives simpler and easier. That’s why we cannot imagine our lives without an aircon. Having said that, it becomes very important to ensure proper care and maintenance of the air conditioners to avoid any major breakdown.

What are the signals shown by your AC when it needs repair?

There are certain warning signs which your aircon shows at times that should never be neglected. Some of the most commonly shown signs shown by airconare:

Air not getting cold: The air coming out of AC vents is not cold even after checking the filter and reducing temperatures. This can be due to numerous causes like gas leakage, compressor issues or low refrigeration.

Air not flowing well: A fan or blower inside the duct of AC blows the cold air and creates the chill. But when the speed and efficiency of the fan are reduced, it could be due to clogging of the air filter or may be a fault in the motor.

Water leakage or moisture contents: The entire refrigeration and condensation process that goes in for the proper working of the aircon is designed to remain dry always. So, if you find any kind of leakage or dampness around the aircon, it should be fixed by a professional.

Feeling sticky inside: Besides cooling, the other important function of the aircon is to control humidity. If you feel sticky inside and see condensed water droplets on the unit, it’s an indication that the aircon is not working fine. 

Strange noises coming: Air conditioning units are designed to produce almost no noise. You may feel certain vibrations at times, which should not be neglected. If your machine makes screeching or banging noises, it indicates some breakage inside. You should stop the power supply immediately to avoid any collateral damages.

Foul smell coming: The unpleasant smell coming out of the vent indicates that something is not right inside. It could be due to a stuck up pest or rodent or any form of mold growth inside. The burned-out wire has a typical smell and you all are familiar with it. So, if you notice any such smell, call the aircon servicing expert ASAP.

Increased electricity bills: Air conditioning units are big consumers of electricity. And we all know that. But a regular consumer should be aware of the average energy consumption. If the energy bills are showing considerable spikes than the last season, you should get your air conditioner checked properly.

Why should you go for timely servicing & repairing of air conditioners?

To ensure efficient working of your air conditioning systems, get it serviced regularly. Generally, it is advisable to get your HVAC system serviced twice a year. This helps to ensure the smooth functioning of the aircon units in the longer run.

In case of repair, ask your technician not to repair the fault temporarily but do it properly to avoid further damage or sudden breakdown of the unit.

You can always connect with a professional technician and check the AC repair cost before getting it done. Signing an annual maintenance contract (AMC) for your aircon with an established company is also a good idea.

What are the benefits of regular AC servicing and repairing?

Breathe clean & fresh air, and stay healthy

We all spend a considerable amount of time either at our homes or our offices. And so, it is very important to maintain a healthy and pollution-free atmosphere inside.

The air filter in the aircon unit is meant to capture dirt, dust and other particles which are present in the air. Therefore, this filter should be regularly cleaned to avoid clogging and the removal of bacteria.

Keeping the air filter free from dust, dirt, pollutants, mold, and bacteria helps maintain the air quality of the room and ensures the circulation of fresh and clean air. This helps to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Ensure longer AC lifespan with regular servicing 

Like most machines, aircons need regular servicing to ensure that all parts and systems work smoothly. Little overhauling makes it easier for the AC unit to give its best performance.

If you have installed a high-end or expensive AC, it is always recommended to get it serviced by a qualified technician only.

Cleaning the filters and condenser lets your air conditioning unit operate efficiently in the longer run. It also increases the lifespan of the unit to an extent. 

Avert major breakdowns by acting on time

If something is associated with our comfort, we ignore a few warning signs to avoid inconvenience. This could lead to major breakdowns, which add to the troubles.

Do not wait for a major fault when your aircon completely stops working and you are left with no other choice but to call the technicians immediately.

Imagine the situation if your aircon breaks down in extreme summers or during an important meeting or gathering. So, make sure to get your AC units serviced regularly.

Save on energy bills with regular upkeep

Air conditioning is an expensive commodity, so air conditioning installation, servicing, and maintenance need little extra spending compared to other durables. If ignored, it can cost you dearly.

In terms of energy consumption, the aircon requirement is quite high. If not serviced timely, it may start consuming even higher electricity.

Similarly, any malfunctioning in the Aircon can put extra pressure on the machine to work, and so it may consume more power to function. Thus, timely repair is the key.

AMC (Annual maintenance contract) for total peace of mind

The continuous running of the AC unit can result in wear and tear. If diagnosed timely and properly, you can avert complete unit failure. 

For this, an annual maintenance contract (AMC) is the best solution. As part of the contract, the technician visits the AC unit for periodic servicing and maintenance, leaving the least chance of any malfunction. 

Timely diagnosis and action help the aircon function smoothly, resulting in complete peace of mind.  

In addition, there are many problems that can be addressed with timely repairs and maintenance.

  • Prevention of frozen coils: It is a common problem to have frozen coils in the aircon. Several factors cause air conditioners to freeze up, like low refrigerant, clogged filters, and malfunctioning of the blower or fan. All these problems can be easily rectified by regular servicing.
  • Keeping thermostat intact: There are many air conditioners with in-built thermostat sensors. The positioning of the sensor is quite important. If it is misplaced, the AC will operate continuously, which may burden the compressor. Ideally, the sensor should be placed next to the coil, and it should not touch the coil. A trained technician can fix this problem by simply adjusting the position.
  • Avoid gas leakage: The refrigerant leakage in your AC releases HFCs or other greenhouse gases. These harmful gases go into the atmosphere and add to global warming. If you are not getting your AC serviced regularly, there are chances that you will miss this leakage.

Last but not the least, utilise manufacturer warranty. Every new air conditioner comes with a manufacturer warranty, covering warranties for components like the compressor. You should always follow the instruction manual; get the periodic services mentioned in the manual, and avail of the aircon manufacturer’s free services. 

If you are looking for air conditioning repair in London, you can contact an experienced and professional company that can provide you the best service at a budget-friendly price.

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