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Air source heat pumps for energy-efficient heating & cooling

Sustainable comfort that's kind to the planet. Save money, feel great.

Breathe easy with sustainable comfort: air source heat pump installation for your home

Air source heat pumps offer a revolutionary approach to achieving year-round comfort in your home. By harnessing the power of renewable energy sources like outside air, these innovative systems efficiently heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. Our team of qualified technicians will work closely with you to design and install a high-performance air source heat pump system tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy consistent temperatures, improved air quality, and significant savings on your energy bills. With an air source heat pump, you can breathe easy knowing you're making a sustainable choice for your home's comfort and the environment.

Unleash the power of efficiency: benefits of air source heat pumps

Sustainable savings

Sustainability savings of air source heat pumps

Year-Round comfort

Stay cozy & cool all year with air source heat pumps

Improved air quality

Improved air quality with air source heat pumps

Certifications & accreditations

qualified reliable experts 

qualified reliable experts 

qualified reliable experts 

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Unveiling your options: exploring the different types of air source heat pumps

Daikin™ offers innovative air-to-air heat pump technology that allows you to cool and heat your home using renewable energy extracted from the air.

Energy Efficiency

  • Achieves up to A+++ energy efficiency.
  • Utilizes advanced inverter technology to reduce energy consumption.
  • Significant savings compared to non-inverter systems.

Cool and Heat Multiple Rooms

  • Flexibility to cool or heat up to five different rooms.
  • Choose between:
    • Connecting a single indoor unit to one outdoor unit.
    • Using the multi-split system to connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit.

Green Building Requirements

  • Ideal for new houses with high insulation.
  • A+++ energy efficiency ratings align with green building standards.

Hot Water and Air Conditioning

  • The new Multi + range:
    • Connects a single outdoor unit with up to 3 indoor units.
    • Includes a domestic hot water tank (90 or 120 litres).
    • Provides efficient domestic hot water, cooling, and heating.

Design Options

  • Concealed Ceiling Units:
    • Install discreetly in false ceilings.
    • Only air vents are visible.
  • Wall Mounted Units:
    • Sleek and elegant design.
    • Internationally recognized for good aesthetics.

Easy Control and Silent Operation

  • Operates silently.
  • Allows easy control via an app from any location.

Daikin™ offers advanced air-to-water heat pump technology that efficiently heats your home and provides hot water using renewable energy extracted from the air.

Energy Efficiency

  • Daikin’s heat pumps utilize inverter technologies for optimum energy efficiency.
  • Connecting solar collectors to the heat pump system further enhances efficiency and savings.

Wide Selection

  • Daikin’s lineup includes both residential and commercial heat pump systems.
  • These systems fully meet hot water needs at suitable temperatures and amounts.

Quiet Operations

  • Designed for quiet operation of both indoor and outdoor units.
  • Inverter-driven compressors and natural convection heat distribution contribute to the low noise level.

Integrated Heating and Hot Water

  • Combine heating and hot water supply to reduce installation space and costs.

Low and High Temperature Options

  • Low temperature type
    • Provides hot water heated to 55°C for floor heating and low-temperature radiators.
    • Operates for both heating and cooling using the heat pump.
  • High temperature type
    • Supplies hot water heated to 80°C for domestic use and high-temperature radiators.
    • Also supports both heating and cooling via the heat pump.

Environmentally Friendly

  • These systems are not only energy-efficient but also sustainable, making them an excellent choice for heating and hot water solutions.
EPRA14-18DV-W product picture

Daikin™ Altherma hybrid heat pumps combine renewable air-to-water heat pump technology with a gas condensing boiler to optimize energy efficiency independently from outdoor temperatures.

Energy Efficiency

  • The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump uses an optimal combination of renewable and traditional energy sources.
  • When working in heat pump mode, the system is powered by renewable energy extracted from the air and can achieve up to A++ energy efficiency.

Smart Programming

  • The system’s smart programming automatically determines the most economically and energy-efficient combination based on energy prices, outdoor temperatures, and indoor heat capacity.
  • It can save up to 35% more energy compared to a traditional condensing boiler.

Patented Condensing Technology

  • Engineered with a unique dual heat exchanger, the Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump uses condensing technology to produce heating and domestic hot water 10 to 15% more efficiently than traditional gas condensing boilers.

Easy Installation

  • Ideal for renovations and replacing old boilers.
  • The compact design requires minimal installation space and integrates seamlessly with existing piping and radiators.
Hybrid heat pump installation

Air source heat pumps,

for year-round bliss


Unlike traditional air conditioners, heat pumps leverage renewable energy sources like outside air to efficiently cool your home. This eco-friendly approach keeps you comfortable while reducing your energy footprint.



Beat the heat, not the environment! Heat pumps utilise renewable energy sources like outside air to keep your home cool, all while minimising your energy consumption.

Hot Water

Ditch the cold showers! Our heat pump systems work seamlessly with domestic hot water tanks, ensuring a reliable and efficient supply of hot water for your entire family.

Solar powered

Level up your savings! Add optional solar support to your heat pump and heat up to 70% of your hot water for free with sunshine.