Refrigeration Maintenance

Ensure Optimum Cooling and Preservation with a Range of Reliable and Efficient Industrial Refrigeration Services
industrial refrigeration maintenance

Best Services for Commercial Refrigeration Installation and Maintenance

We understand that ensuring that cold items stay cold is essential for your business, and this is exactly what we do best, with a range of refrigeration maintenance and installation services that can cater to your needs. We have years of experience working with all kinds of refrigeration units, be it for hospitality, food production, industrial usage, etc. thus, whether you are looking for cold rooms, blast chillers, walk-in freezers or smaller food storage facilities and refrigerated vehicles, we can help you with holistic solutions for them all.

Providing you with a host of services, that can help in improved asset life-cycle and reduced environmental impact, whether you are looking at gas leaks, noise issues, leaking water or a completely customized build – we are the company to choose when you are looking at design, installation, maintenance, or refrigeration repairs London.

How Does Refrigeration Maintenance Help Your Business?

As a commercial business that has a fundamental reliance on refrigerated goods, making sure that your refrigeration installation and maintenance is done in the best way possible can help you function optimally. Early detection and repair is extremely important for commercial refrigeration maintenance and can reduce the likelihood of any costly failure or repair in the future. By making sure that your refrigeration maintenance is done regularly, you will experience:

  • Significant reduction in breakdowns
  • Cost savings for reactive callouts
  • Improved asset life-cycle
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lesser environmental impact
  • Fewer customer and employee complaints

Our team of experts will make sure that you have periodically scheduled maintenance visits tailored to your personal requirement, within the timescale and budget that suits your needs. Ensuring that there is minimum disruption to your schedule, our commercial refrigeration maintenance services will keep your industrial refrigeration system working to the best of its capacity always, giving you the best results and functionality, thereby, keeping your business operating as smoothly as possible.

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Why Choose Us?

Whether you are looking for commercial refrigeration repairs London, or installation, the AirCon Company, has both the skills and expertise to offer you smart and cost-effective solutions. From breakdown in repair to the installation of customised sophisticated systems, our expertise is unparalleled. 

Whenever there is any kind of problem with your industrial refrigeration system, you will need a company that you can rely on, to respond quickly to your breakdown, diagnose the problem and carry out whatever repairs are required efficiently. Hence, if you are looking for any sort of repairs or refrigeration maintenance London services, our expert team of engineers will be more than happy to help you with anything you need as swiftly and efficiently.

Commercial Refrigeration System FAQs

An industrial refrigeration system goes much beyond air-conditioning in terms of both scale and details, and it can be described as equipment that uses the refrigeration process for removing heat from a given item, thereby lowering the temperature to the value desired.  Commonly used for industries such as brewing, food processing, construction, bioprocesses etc. Industrial refrigeration can provide the right chilling force required that is essential for the smooth operation of some of the most important industries worldwide. The AirCon Company can give you a host of industrial refrigeration options that will give you the optimum temperature that is required for your establishment.

The running cost of a commercial refrigerator is dependent upon a lot of factors, such as capacity, size, efficiency, etc. when it comes to a commercial freezer, it is best to get it professionally maintained and installed, so that you are getting the best out of your industrial refrigeration system, in an efficient manner without mounting up bills. Generally speaking, running a commercial refrigerator will cost you one seventh of your total energy usage, getting on that energy-efficient, will help in ensuring that the total life-cycle costs are reduced thereby incurring utility bills that are not too high to cause you stress.

In order to minimise the chances of meeting and emergency refrigeration repair, it is suggested that you should get your commercial fridge serviced professionally every 3 to 6 months. Refrigeration maintenance done by a professional company will make sure that your system operates smoothly, and also drive down the amount of energy that is being spent to make sure that the systems are running at their optimum best. Our team of experts make sure that all your needs be it refrigeration repair or maintenance, are provided to you in the best and the most cost-efficient manner, hence reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

When it comes to commercial refrigeration installation, the process is a complicated one and dependent upon a variety of factors such as the size of the unit, property, the requirement of the room, purpose, etc. hence it is very difficult to predict the exact time that the installation will take, without visiting the space. Owing to the fact that we install our products to the highest standards, a team of experts will need to visit the project, in order to give you the most accurate time frame for refrigeration installation. Book an appointment with our installation engineers, to get your commercial refrigeration installation done as soon as possible.