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commercial air conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning Services For Perfect Climate

Today, commercial air conditioning has become a standard for modern developments and the demand for retrofitted air conditioners in already existing business premises has also skyrocketed. Having a pleasant and cool environment is something that can be achieved through commercial air conditioning installation, and it is also something that customers have come to expect out of establishments such as restaurants and retail outlets. In fact, it is also accurately established that the right temperature creates an ideal environment for not only consumers to spend more time in an establishment but also for enhancing the productivity of the workforce in offices, as not being sweaty during summers or chilled during winters makes them much more productive. 

Why Us for Commercial Air Conditioning London

If you are looking for commercial air conditioning units UK, whether you are a school, a healthcare facility, a multinational company, a mom and pop store or a hotel or a restaurant, the AirCon company is the place to be. We also provide refrigeration units and refrigeration rooms to cater to the hospitality sectors, if you require commercial air-conditioning service for food storage and food prep.

Our team of expert engineers have years of experience with commercial air conditioning installation and can provide you with all the assistance you need whether it is installation or commercial air conditioning maintenance or repair. We treat your business with utmost care and make sure that it becomes the perfect environment with optimum temperature in no time.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Do You Already Have a Commercial Air Conditioning Set-Up in Your Workspace or Warehouse?

If you are an establishment that already has its commercial air-conditioning unit installed, then we can ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. Not only do we provide installation services, but we also provide services regarding commercial air-conditioning repair and maintenance. Our services include conversion from R22 to R410A, which enhances the efficiency as well as environmental health and helps your business take the right step towards a more sustainable and greener future. Hence when in need of commercial air-conditioning maintenance, reach out to our experts, who will make sure to take away all the hassles off your plate be it repaired or re-gassing, to make sure that your business operates as smoothly as possible with optimum temperature all year round.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

With more than a decade worth of experience in installing, Repair and maintaining commercial air conditioning units UK, the AirCon Company provides you services beyond compare. Cost effective as well as efficient, if you are on the lookout for commercial air conditioning London solutions, give our experts a call and we will make sure that all your needs are satisfied with utmost diligence and quality.

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Commercial Air conditioning unit installation FAQs

Commercial air conditioning can be referred to as cooling or heating systems that help in maintaining the temperature of a large commercial space, be it a restaurant, school, hospital, business etc. When we talk about a commercial air-conditioning unit, it will generally combine heating and cooling units into a single rooftop package, that helps in preventing noise from interfering with the ongoing is of the workspace and also conserve physical space. It requires a larger amount of power to cool the space that it serves when compared to a residential air conditioning unit.

A commercial air-conditioning unit in a building contains interconnected systems that help in heating, cooling as well as ventilating individual floors within a structure. The compressor within these structures compresses the refrigerant and increases its pressure in temperature, hot or cool air outside blows over the refrigerant vapour and liquefies it. This is followed by the expansion valve changing the refrigerant into a location liquid, thereby cooling it, or in case of cool air which needs heating, the heat is transferred by the evaporator to transform the cool liquid into a warmer gas that provides heat. 

The cost of commercial air conditioning depends upon a lot of variables, such as the size of your business, the brand etc. Owing to the number of factors, the cost can vary depending upon the commercial air-conditioning service needs of your business. Hence to get an accurate estimation, it is best to contact our experts for a site survey. Our experts will factor in all the various requirements and then give you an accurate price estimation that is cost-effective. Hence, if you are looking at commercial air-conditioning units UK, contact us and we will make sure that you get efficient and quality services to get your business running.

For commercial air-conditioning London, permission from the planning commission would be required if the proposed work is going to alter the site. If you are thinking of commercial air-conditioning installation, looking at planning permission is advisable, since there may be differences between the regulations laid down by Local Planning Authorities. If you need assistance with air conditioning planning permissions for your commercial property, reach out to us at the AirCon company and our experts will be happy to offer you professional advice and services regarding all your commercial air conditioning needs so that your work can begin without any hassles.