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Air Conditioning Repair Service

We understand how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be, if your air conditioning system or heat pump breaks down, leaving you in need of Aircon repair or servicing. This is why our air conditioning repair experts are available throughout London for all kinds of repair and service work. We excel at finding the root cause of the problem and getting it fixed fast, hence, whether it is AC compressor repair or heating service that you require, call our experts today and will schedule a visit for your air conditioning repair London.

Why Air Con Company For AC Repair

With more than a decade of experience in air conditioning and heating systems, repair and servicing across London and beyond, we at the AirCon Company understand how important it is to have an optimum temperature at your home or workplace to ensure comfort as well as productivity. Thus, our air conditioning contractors make sure that your HVAC or heating systems are working at optimum performance levels.

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Best HVAC Repair Solutions

Whatever issue you might be facing regarding HVAC air conditioning repair and servicing, provide you with best-in-class services for all domestic and commercial properties. With our efficient aircon repair services, you will have access to clean air and optimum temperature in no time.


Poor Performance

Slow airflow getting you down? Boost the efficiency of your HVAC heating and cooling system and save massive energy costs.

No Power

No more power problems! Our expert air conditioning contractors will take care of your AC unit repair and have it running in no time!

Water Leakage

Leaking water from the AC can mean big problems. Do not fret! We will take care of it with unparalleled air conditioner repair solutions.

Bad Smell

Go away odours! Bad smells emanating from your HVAC unit can mean danger. We will make sure we get rid of the source of the problem.

Noisy Unit

Bring on the Zen and calm, no more noisy AC units! A noisy AC is a sign that you are in need of an AC repair service. Give our experts a call and we will bring you peace.

Gas Leak

Coolant leakage from your AC can lead to myriad problems such as nausea, dryness or even asphyxiation. Do not wait and call us for air conditioner repair today!

Air Conditioning Repair Price

£150 + VAT

a single wall mounted unit

£90 + VAT

for more then 3 wall mounted indoor unit

£200 + VAT

for one ducted AC unit

  1. Condensing Units

    1. Examine and clean condenser if necessary or report condition to the Customer.
    2. Clean and examine condensing unit. Ensure all nuts, bolts, screws etc. are fitted and tight. Ensure there is no chafing or rubbing of capillaries tubing etc.
    3. Clean and Examine belt/s (if applicable) & adjust or replace. Ensure blades are secure & in balance. Lubricate motor if necessary.
  2. Evaporator
    1. Examine evaporator block. Ascertain cause of any frost accumulation. Clean if necessary or report condition to Customer.
    2. Clean and examine fan motor/s & blade/s. Ensure blades secure & in balance. Lubricate motor/sif necessary.
    3. Clean or change air filters as necessary.
    4. Ensure drip tray is sound & outlet clear. Any drain faults or blockages to be reported to the Customer.

  3. Electrical & Controls
    1. Check electrical terminal & contacts for tightness & signs of overheating.
    2. Ensure all electrical & refrigeration controls are correctly set & functioning.

  4. Rerigerant Charge

    Check system contains correct refrigerant and charge is correct.

  5. Operation & Performance
    1. Check plant operates correctly without any undue noise and vibration.
    2. Check plant maintains correct temperature and humidity.


  1. INSPECTIONS: This quotation covers the cost of labour only

  2. PARTS: Parts will be charged for at the supplier’s current list price

  3. EXCLUSIONS: This does not include responsibility by the Company for anything not specifically mentioned or previously excluded here. Such as electricity supply, water supply or drainage, repairs to structures of equipment, doors or fittings,complete overhauls, major repairs or replacement of major components or any repairs which cannot be done on Site. Cleaning of evaporators & condensers where major work involving specialist-cleaning equipment is necessary.

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Air conditioning unit Repair FAQs

If your AC is less than 10 years old, has been well maintained, and has not experienced any kind of major failures, then it is worth repairing and in all probability, the cost of repair will not be too high, thus making the air-conditioner repair cost worth it. However, to get an accurate understanding of whether you should get your AC repaired, it is best to let our air-conditioning contractors have a look at your AC and give you an estimation so that you can decide if the cost is worth it.

Air-conditioner repair cost is generally dependent upon the kind of repair work that needs to be done on the AC unit. Hence to get an accurate quote regarding air-conditioner repair, it is best that you reach out to our experts, who will visit the space and assess the problem and provide you with an accurate AC repair cost. Rest assured, our experts try to give you the most cost-effective solutions so that you can have a comfortable indoor space as soon as possible and can continue to enjoy the benefits of having an air conditioned room.

A few things that you can check before you call an HVAC repair expert include, testing the AC is power supply, the thermostat settings, checking if the air filters or vents are not clogged and if the condenser unit is still working. All the above things are easy to assess, and if you feel that they are working alright and yet your AC is not functioning the way it should be, then it is best that you contact experts who can take care of air-conditioner repair London and will be able to offer you the solution to the problem being experienced

The general life expectancy of a well-maintained HVAC unit is about 10 to 15 years, and most of the time any problems that occur after this time frame, require replacement as opposed to AC unit repair. Having said that, however, it is always best that you get the problem checked by a professional so that they can give you an accurate answer. Sometimes a well-maintained AC might be able to work longer, hence if the repair costs are not too high, you can continue to use the air-conditioner for a little while longer before replacing it.