6 Tips to Winterize Your HVAC System

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6 Tips to Winterize Your HVAC System
Riddle us this. “I keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you fail to take care of me, it’s a bummer!” Most of us can guess the answer to this. But for those who could not, it is your HVAC system. Your HVAC system is one of the most vital appliances in your home or office. It is responsible for keeping you comfortable during all weather conditions. But it is also the appliance that needs the most maintenance. Thus, it becomes important to winterise your HVAC system before the winter hits. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We have put together some helpful tips to prep your HVAC for the harsh winter months. These tips will help you stay comfortable and protect your HVAC unit while saving you some money. So, let’s look at these 6 measures you can take in due time.

Ways to Get Your HVAC System Ready for Winter

Test Your Unit Before Winter Fully Arrives

It never hurts to be sure enough. So, it is best not to wait until the winter is in full swing to turn up the heat. You should test your HVAC system a few times (at least three) before the winter actually starts. This will help you ensure that the unit is in decent condition. And if you do find some problem with it, you’ll have enough time to address it. The cost of maintenance may concern you, but it’s better to be proactive than to spend even a higher amount on emergency repairs or replacements.

Schedule a Furnace Tune-up and Cleaning

It is advisable to schedule an appointment for a furnace tune-up and cleaning with an HVAC professional. They will provide all the necessary care your HVAC unit needs. They will ensure that your furnace works at its maximum efficiency when you need it the most. Moreover, they can identify potential problems, thus preventing malfunctions in the future.

Cover the Outdoor Unit

Just as the winter starts, it is best to cover the outdoor unit of your HVAC system. You are not going to use the cooling system for a few months. Thus, preserving it makes perfect sense. The first step of winterising your outdoor unit involves cleaning it. You’ll need to remove all the leaves, twigs and grass clippings first. Following this, a thorough rinse using a garden hose can help remove the dust, dirt and other such debris. Once the unit is completely dry again, switch off the exterior AC unit so that you do not use the system during winter by accident. Finally, get a waterproof cover that is also breathable to avoid the build-up of moisture. It will also protect your system from rust, ice and snow during the winter months. It is pretty simple actually. When you show some love towards your HVAC unit, it will return that love in the form of reliable service for years to come.

Replace the HVAC Filters and Clean the Vents

Dust, debris and allergens can clog your HVAC system over time, decreasing its efficiency. This reduces the airflow and as a result, your system needs to work harder. Replacing the HVAC filters can effectively resolve this. It is one of the least expensive ways as well. It eventually saves you more money down the line by helping you avoid costly repairs in the future. There are many of us that neglect this important job. It should rather be done once every four months or so. It should be like ‘change the filters as the season changes.

Maintain a Consistent Temperature

However tempting it feels to turn the heat up during colder days, it is always smarter to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. It reduces the workload on your HVAC unit while still keeping you warm and comfortable enough. It also increases the lifespan of your system in the long run. One of the most effective ways to maintain a consistent indoor temperature is using a programmable thermostat. It helps you save a handsome amount on your energy bills. As well as the programmable thermostat, a zone control system can also be pretty useful. We know that the warmer air rises and the colder air collects on the ground level. As a result, the upstairs in multi-story homes feel warmer. This is where a zone control system comes into play. It can direct hot or cold air where it is needed the most.

Consider Insulating Exposed Pipes

Pipes that run outside your home are exposed to freezing temperatures during the winter. Insulating those exposed pipes not only protects them from extreme temperatures but also increases the overall efficiency of the unit. If you aren’t sure which lines are at risk, consider hiring a competent HVAC professional. They will look for susceptible areas and replace the insulation wherever necessary. Thus, following these tips can make your HVAC system ‘winter-ready’. This will ensure that you enjoy maximum and uninterrupted comfort during the chilling winter months. While most of these tips are DIY, there are times when it is best to call for an expert. At the Air Con Company, we provide complete HVAC solutions for both domestic and commercial settings. We understand that having an optimum temperature is important to ensure comfort. Thus, our service and repair team strive to make sure that your HVAC systems are working at optimum performance levels. To inquire about service, repair or even new installations of HVAC systems, call us on 020 3903 7225 or fill in the contact form and our designated team will get back to you as soon as possible. As well as HVAC systems, we also provide solutions for ventilation systems, renewable energy systems and hot water systems.