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It is often difficult to find the perfect time to upgrade your existing HVAC system to a new one. It becomes confusing if buying a new unit will save you more money compared to keeping the existing one.

The contribution of your HVAC system to your home’s total power consumption is pretty big. This makes buying a new HVAC system a significant investment for you. So, getting a new one can indeed be expensive upfront, but getting rid of your outdated HVAC system can save you more money in the long run. This is because an outdated unit will have you deal with constant repairs, underwhelming performance and unwanted noises.

Before we look at how getting a new HVAC unit can save you money, let us first identify the signs which tell you that you need a new one.

Signs That You Need to Buy a New HVAC System

Here are the most common signs to know that there are problems with your HVAC unit and that it’s time to replace it.

Constant Abnormal Noises

If your air ducts are making constant squealing, screeching or rattling noises, it indicates that your unit has grown older and needs to be replaced.

Unusually High Energy Bills

If you find that the amount in your energy bills is getting bigger without any justifiable reason, it means that it’s costing you undue money.

Underwhelming Performance

If you can feel warm and humid conditions inside your home even with the air conditioner running, it means that your unit is struggling to keep up with your cooling needs and it is time to change.

Frequent Repairs

If you are needing to call the technician for HVAC or air conditioning repairs more often than not, it is probably the right time to replace your unit.

How Can A New HVAC Unit Save You Money?

Newer units don’t have the issues mentioned above. You can expect a more steady service and thus save you on utility, maintenance and energy costs.

Lower Monthly Energy Bills

An HVAC unit perhaps consumes more power than most other appliances in your home or office. But newer systems are much more energy-efficient when compared to the older ones. With the advancement in technology, newer models are designed to consume lesser power, offering even better performance. The inverter technology that most new models are equipped with is one such instance. Eventually, you can expect to save hundreds of pounds at the end of the year.

Fewer and Less Expensive Repairs

Every HVAC unit will need service and repairs as it ages and wears down. You may need to replace some of its parts as well. This is inevitable even if you have taken good care of and maintained your older unit well. However, with the newer systems, everything is fresh and new. As a result, you’ll need fewer repairs as the breakdowns will be significantly less frequent.
Moreover, new systems come with a warranty that offers protection against repair bills for the first few years at least. So, if anything does go wrong with your new HVAC system during the warranty period, your repair cost will be pretty minimal, if at all.

An Increased Resale Value of the Home

A newer HVAC system can add considerable value to your property. This may not apply to everyone who buys a new HVAC system, but it most certainly does if you are planning to sell your house soon, say in the next five years. Knowing that your HVAC unit will require less maintenance and have lower utility bills down the road will be more attractive to potential buyers. An older unit and a higher heating/cooling bill each month, on the other hand, can put off some potential buyers.

Other Benefits of a New HVAC System

A new HVAC can have several other benefits other than saving you money. These benefits include:

  • A better indoor airflow
  • Lesser noise from the unit
  • Chance to upgrade to a programmable thermostat
  • Better indoor air quality

These additional benefits add a lot to the overall climate of your home or office and make the space more comfortable for you. This makes replacing your old HVAC system with a new one even more favourable.

So, it can be often tempting to make a fix here and there with your existing system instead of getting a new one. But as we have understood, waiting longer than required can lead you to pay even more. It becomes vital to make the right call at the right time. So, if you are confused about whether to retain your existing unit or replace it with a new one, we at the Air Con Company can help you with that.

Being one of the most trusted air conditioning installation in London, we will suggest the course of action that is the most beneficial to you. All you need to do is call us on 020 3903 7225 or fill out the inquiry form and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.