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A good air conditioner can keep your home cool and comfortable, not only during the summers but also throughout the year. The best air conditioner can cool your room evenly, quickly and efficiently. But it is not easy to select the right air conditioner for your home, especially since several brands are in the market right now.

Not many Brits even contemplated buying air conditioners until a few years ago. Yet, with the rising temperatures, it seems that purchasing an aircon is a smart choice. One of the commonly searched on the internet after, ‘How much does an air conditioner cost?’ is ‘What is the cost to install an air conditioner?’ Regardless of the brand you choose, you should install it properly, especially if you want the system to be efficient.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Do all air conditioners need to be installed?
  • Where should I install the air conditioner
  • Factors that affect air conditioner installation cost
  • Increasing the life of your air conditioner

Do All Air Conditioners Need to be Installed?


However, portable air-cons have a simpler AC installation process, unlike a wall mount or window air conditioner.

Portable aircon installation cost and time will undoubtedly be lesser than split or wall mount installation. Portable air-cons take in the excess heat from inside the room and blowback the extracted air outside the window using a vent.

Where should I install the Air conditioner?

The best spot to install your air-con depends on several factors, such as the size of the unit and the air throw you are aiming for. So, before you zero in on the right place for aircon installation, we believe you should select the correct size air conditioner for your specific need.

You should note that the air conditioner’s type and size should also impact the overall aircon installation cost. The number of bedrooms you want to cool down, the type of windows present, the size of each room and house, the type of insulation available in your home, and consider the average indoor and outdoor temperature in your location.

It is crucial to select the appropriate place for aircon installation as it can potentially impact the system’s lifetime and efficiency. The outdoor unit is ideally installed on a level base, preferably on an elevated pad, so that the unit doesn’t get wet due to rain or snow. The outdoor unit is ideally placed at least 12 inches away from objects. Ensure that the unit is not installed near hot spots or where there would be constant footfalls.

Factors that affect air conditioner installation cost

When you want to know ‘how much to install air conditioning,’ you should remember that several factors determine the actual cost of installation. Some factors you should consider are:

  • The type of AC you purchase will impact the air conditioning installation prices.

Air conditioners are made in different shapes and sizes, and as such, the system you choose can significantly alter the total installation cost.

For example, the split air conditioner installation cost could be much more than fixing a portable unit. Since the equipment is quite handy, the mobile unit can do well without requiring plumbing, electrical wiring and additional fixtures.

  • The size of the equipment and its cooling efficiency

The average cost to install air conditioning will also depend on the number of units your house requires and the size of the house.

The cost involved in installing a new system will generally be less when compared to reinstallation. The labour involved in removing the existing system, reworking the electrical and plumbing, and reinstalling the outdoor unit could increase labour costs.

Most air-cons weigh nearly 30 kgs, and it would take at least a couple of people to hoist the AC up and install the units properly. There are many things you should consider while undertaking the actual installation.

Connecting the hose to the outdoor unit, getting the electrical work done and ensuring that the unit functions effectively demand professional help.

  • Additional installations such as drains, wiring, ductwork and more

Most households do not have the required wiring space for ductwork and vents.

When such complexities come into play, the entire air conditioning unit installation cost could shoot up.

Most homeowners try to leverage the full potential of installing an aircon by including other energy-saving systems such as dehumidifiers or air purifiers. These additional works add to the overall cost of installation.

  • Thermostat controls and more

When you have different rooms requiring different cooling systems, it is crucial to have zones and controls that help manage such installations.

For example, larger homes might have higher-capacity cooling solutions in places that retain heat, such as kitchens, and standard cooling in other rooms like bedrooms or living areas.

That’s why the wall mounted air conditioner installation cost will be less than centralised aircon installation costs. The number of related installations such as plumbing, ductwork and controls increases the overall costs of installation.

Increasing the life of your air conditioner

Why does accurate installation matter? Your air conditioning system will work best only when installed properly. While the air con might look like an easy piece of equipment to install, we strongly advise you not to try the DIY method. Get professional help – the technicians know what they are doing and how best to fix the air con for your home’s specific needs.

Maintaining the system and servicing it at regular intervals goes a long way in increasing the life and cooling capacity of the system. When the installation is good, it reduces your air con’s work to give you enough cooling. Additionally, using high-efficiency products will also improve the life of the system.

Now you have all the information you need about air conditioning installation.

When people usually ask us ‘How much does it cost to install air conditioning in our house?’ we, unfortunately, don’t have a straightforward answer to give. Air conditioning installation cost in the UK depends on a large number of factors. It is best to seek professional help in installing your air conditioner, as improper installation can reduce its cooling capacity, require constant rework and repair and decrease its life.

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