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In the past couple of decades or so, air conditioners have become one of the most crucial parts of our lifestyle and business.

The Importance Of Air Conditioning Installation In Today’s Times

As well as creating a comfortable climate in our homes and workspaces, air conditioners play a multitude of roles. They improve the air quality, creating a healthier and cleaner environment. Besides, commercial applications like server rooms and other large-scale electronic equipment have become increasingly common. So, air conditioners are crucial for managing the heat produced by these appliances. Thus, it is quite apparent that air conditioners are an appliance of prime importance in today’s times. But the cost of air conditioning installation in London and the UK as a whole along with its maintenance is substantial too. Besides, they contribute quite significantly to our energy bills. So, knowing effective and affordable ways to increase the efficiency of your AC can come in handy. Here are nine such ways.

Invest In Quality And Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Systems

This is the first and foremost step in increasing the efficiency of your air conditioning systems. The air conditioning London market consists of many big players and contractors. Choosing reliable and trusted air conditioning installation specialists like the Air Con Company can help you choose the best quality systems that perfectly match your application and budget. This ensures that you start saving on your energy bills right from day one. Top-quality and energy-efficient systems from a reputable manufacturer are always a smart investment.

Keeping Your Thermostat Up By A Few Degrees

Though air conditioners are essentially used to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room, increasing your thermostat by 5 odd degrees can be quite beneficial. This effectively decreases the work your AC needs to put in. This way, the load on your AC will be lesser and will consume less power. Thus, this is a sure-fire way to save on power bills without compromising much on comfort.

Use A Programmable Thermostat Or Smart Plugs

Using a programmable thermostat you can schedule the on and off of your AC. This is especially useful when we forget to switch the AC off while leaving our homes. This way, it can help us prevent the unnecessary consumption of energy.

Smart Wifi plugs can also offer similar functionality. These plugs can turn your regular AC into a smart one and can be controlled remotely from anywhere using your smartphone. As well as scheduling when to switch your AC on and off, you can also monitor and manage the energy consumption using the dedicated smartphone application.

Clean Or Replace Dirty Filters Periodically

Cleaning or replacing dirty air filters are at the very base of your AC maintenance process. The most convenient thing about this is that you can easily do it yourself. You don’t need to call an air conditioning service personnel for this every time.

Dirty filters reduce the airflow and thus result in less cooling. Besides, when these filters get clogged with dust particles, the dust can further get collected on internal parts and fan blades. This slows down your AC, thus consuming more power. So, changing or replacing your air filters can considerably improve your air conditioning efficiency

Keep Away Heat-Producing Appliances

When you keep heat-producing appliances like computers, ovens, media systems, etc. near the thermostat, your AC needs to work harder than normal. This is because these appliances generate a lot of heat. This tells your AC that more cooling is required to be done. As a result, it will work longer and harder, increasing the energy consumption substantially.

Keep Your AC Vents Clean And Unblocked

Dust or debris on your AC vents can block the airflow in your room. This in turn reduces the cooling effect. Moreover blocking the air vents with curtains, pieces of furniture or anything else can choke off the airflow. This increases pressure in the duct system. As a result, your AC works longer and ends up consuming more power than usual.

Keep Out Direct Sunlight

During the day, when direct sunlight hits the windows or glass panes, the particular room starts warming up. As a result, your AC needs to put in some extra work. Now, closing down the curtains and blinds prevents the room from heating up due to incoming sunlight. This relatively lower temperature is maintained in the room. This, in turn, reduces the load on your AC and increases its efficiency.

Make Sure The Ductwork Is Properly Insulated

The conditioned air in central air conditioning systems reaches you through ductworks that are generally laid in unconditioned areas. It is important to make sure that there are no leaks in these ductworks or the airflow might get disturbed. For smaller leaks, you can insulate them yourselves using quality duct insulating material. For larger leaks, however, you might want to call professionals who deal in domestic and commercial air conditioning services.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Air conditioning systems like any other heavy-duty electrical appliance need regular maintenance. Regular maintenance keeps your AC systems in up-to-date condition and minimises problems and breakdowns. This essentially saves you from spending money on expensive repairs. Besides, it is needless to mention that a well maintained AC system will be considerably energy-efficient. This can save you a reasonable amount on your power bills ultimately.

Quite a few reliable companies like the Air Con Company in the air conditioning installation London market offer service contracts at reasonable rates. You can choose them and you can rest assured about your AC system’s effective maintenance.

Thus, using these cost-effective ways can ensure that your AC systems work at maximum efficiency. Investing in a quality air conditioning unit and maintaining it regularly is the most crucial of the lot. Whether it is a domestic or a commercial air conditioning installation that you want, choosing a trusted and reputable vendor is of paramount importance. One that offers trustworthy after-sales air conditioning repairs and services.

If you are looking for one such reputable air conditioning installer in London, contact us now and our team will gladly help you with all your queries. Along with air conditioning installation, we also deal in heat recovery systems, ventilation system installation, renewable energy installation and hot water system installation.