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The UK weather is famous for being fickle and impulsive. After what seems like a never-ending week of glorious sunshine, the climate can take a sudden turn towards a gloomy and chilly winter.

Of late, sweltering summers and soaring temperatures are becoming more common in the UK. The year 2019 has become notoriously famous for setting 4 high-temperature records in the UK – 25th July 2019 registered an all-time new-high of 38.7 C.

While most Brits know that mercury is registering progressively high temperatures every year, we still aren’t prepared to deal with soaring hot weather. Our homes, offices and schools are equipped to keep us warm and cosy but not cool and comfortable. And Brits are not too comfortable shelling out their hard-earned pounds for air conditioning companies.

Looking at the year-by-year increase in summer temperatures, we believe investing in air conditioning is a wise choice. Nevertheless, these really cool tips can keep your home cool during the peak of summer, help you sleep comfortably through the sweltering nights and reduce your dependence on cooling solutions.

10 Tips to Keep Your House Cool in Summer?

Summers are lovely when it’s warm, but certainly not when heat is unforgiving. If cranking up your cooler is not an option, these time-tested tips will keep your home comfortable all through the year.

Tip 1: Keep the Windows and Blinds Closed

Keeping the windows, curtains and blinds closed during the day is a smart way to keep the heat out. This tip will help significantly cool your home by blocking out the harsh daytime heat. We understand that it might be tempting to fling the doors open, you are better off if you resist the temptation.

If you are up for it, invest in blackout curtains made of thick fabric that completely blocks the sunlight. You could also try wooden Venetian blinds that let you block the heat while allowing light to pass through the slats.

Tip 2: Create a Cross-ventilation

Creating cross-ventilation or cross-breeze helps keep the temperatures down in your home. But, haven’t we just asked you to keep the windows closed? Yet, if you want to invite the evening breeze in, we suggest you do it strategically. Ensure there is a decent flow of air throughout the home.

Tip 3: Turn off Appliances – even the ones on standby

Besides giving tips on how to keep your house cool in summer, we will also talk about reducing the carbon footprint – one appliance at a time. Remember that the appliances you use are heating your house and the planet.

The heat given off by these appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers and television, can create heat pockets around the house. Turn off all devices that are not in use – even when on standby. Additionally, make sure there is enough ventilation services behind refrigerators and freezers.

Tip 4: Houseplants can help too

Houseplants and bowls of cold water placed strategically can impact indoor temperature. Houseplants act as natural heat conductors, and it is a good move to place houseplants around the house. If you have garden space, use it judiciously to plant trees around your home.

Tip 5: Invest in Low-Energy Night Bulbs

Conventional light bulbs are not exactly energy efficient. They give off a considerable amount of energy as waste. Investing in low-energy night bulbs can bring your electricity bills down and reduce overheating.

Tip 6: Use the Fan

If you can’t afford an air conditioner, use the good-old fan to bring down the indoor temperature. Since fans take up a lot of energy, you can make the most of them by placing bowls of ice and cold water in the room.

When you want to know how to keep your room cool in summer, we believe a little physics knowledge can come in handy. Since hot air goes up, it is best to place your table fan at the floor level, preferably facing upward. This way, you can send the hot air up and make sure the cool air gets bounced back into the room.

Tip 7: Swap your Fleece for light-weight Cotton Duvets

Your fleece duvet is great for the winters and chilly weather but woefully unhelpful during the summers. Pack your fleece duvets away, and take out the lightest cotton duvets that are airy and comfortable.

Tip 8: Cool Down your Bedsheets and Blankets

This tip might sound a little eccentric, but it works every time. Neatly fold your cotton bed sheets and blankets, place them in a zip lock bag, and put them in the freezer for some time. Take it out just before you are about to hit the sack, and enjoy the chilled sheets. Although the effect might not last long, it sure will help you sleep during the summer heat.

Tip 9: Cold Shower before Bed works wonders

A cold shower before calling it a day will decrease your body temperature and help you sleep faster. Ensure the water isn’t icy cold, and that you don’t shower immediately after coming from a hot place. Sudden temperature changes are not suitable for your body.

Tip 10: Allow the Night Air in

It is best to keep the windows, shades and curtains drawn during the day. It is to block out the intense daytime heat. But at night, you should welcome the cool night breeze into your homes to naturally cool down indoor temperatures. Open the windows once the evening gets colder, but make sure to close up before the morning heats the room once again.

There you have it!

Our tried and tested tips to keep your home cool even during the summer nights. It should answer your question, ‘How To Keep Room Cool In Summer Without Ac And Cooler.’ In addition to the tips, we suggest you insulate your home, grow plants, and care for the planet while improving the comfort of your home.

Installing energy efficient air conditioners or cooling solutions that are eco-friendly is also a great tip that can keep your home comfortable not only in summer but throughout the year.. You can try investing in one, but in the meantime, rely on these tips to give you a good night’s sleep during the coming summer months.