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Air conditioners are arguably one of the most crucial elements of your office infrastructure. It maintains your office space at a comfortable temperature. Moreover, it also helps in improving indoor air quality and regulating the humidity levels in your office. Thus, your air conditioning unit plays an important role in providing your workforce with a comfortable work environment and in enhancing productivity. Considering this, choosing the right air conditioning unit for your office space is critical.

Now, choosing the right AC for your office needs some specific considerations. There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind when buying an air conditioning unit for your office. Now, before looking into these factors, let us first go through some general things to consider before installing an AC:

General Considerations for Air Conditioning Installation

The Quality of Your Unit

Installing an air conditioning system in your office is a considerable investment. So, you want to buy a unit that is of superior quality so that you don’t incur extravagant expenses in maintenance and repairs. Thus, always select an air conditioning unit from a trusted and reputable manufacturer with a wide service network.

Along with this the efficiency of the unit also plays a crucial role. Always go for an AC with a higher EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. Such units have higher efficiency and are cost-effective in the long run

We at the Air Con Company carry out both domestic and commercial air conditioning installation and are associated with all the leading AC manufacturers and suppliers.

Installation Process

There are certain provisions that you need to make to facilitate the installation process at your premises. These provisions depend upon the type of unit you are installing. For example, for window ACs you need to choose the appropriate window or wall space. For centralised and split ACs you need to arrange the proper area for outdoor units. You might also need to check for electrical and wiring requirements before the installation process.

Warranty and Service Package

Like any other electronic product, the warranty is a crucial aspect to consider before purchasing an air conditioning unit. Generally, manufacturers offer a warranty for the period of 1 to 5 years for the unit and about 10 years for the compressor. Also, always inquire about the service package your dealer or contractor offers for a hassle-free experience.

Now that we have gone through some general considerations, let us look into the vital factors to consider when buying an AC unit for your office.

Vital Factors to Consider While Choosing an Air Conditioning Unit For Your Office

The Size of Your Premises

The capacity of the air conditioning unit that you might need depends largely on the size of the room or premises that you are going to install it in. A larger room will require a unit of higher capacity or in some cases, you may need even more than one unit. And as for smaller rooms, air conditioning units with a smaller capacity will be sufficient.

Ideally, for any premises, 25 BTU (British Thermal Unit) per square foot of the area gives you the minimum cooling capacity required for that premises. This can help you in getting an AC unit of the right capacity for your office space.

The Number of Occupants

As well as the size of the room, another factor that decides the capacity of the AC unit required is the number of people that are going to occupy the particular room. An AC unit of higher capacity will be required if the number of occupants in the particular is high most of the time. But if you have around a lesser number of people occupying the room, an AC unit of minimum BTU will suffice.

The Space Required For Installation

There are several types of air conditioning units you can choose to install in your office space. A window AC, for example, is a type that requires some space as it often requires drilling through a wall. Other common types include split ACs, central ACs and multi-split ACs. For a smaller office space, central ACs or split ACs are an ideal choice. They take up relatively less space and are easy to install. Multi-split ACs generally work best for larger office spaces with multiple rooms.

Check For the Noise Levels

Ideally, any workspace will benefit from a quiet office environment and a noisy air conditioning unit might hamper that. Most modern split ACs are reasonably quiet and best for easy communications among colleagues and undisturbed meetings and calls.

A Reliable HVAC Contractor

As we have already mentioned, installing an air conditioning system in your office is not a small investment. The installation process requires experience, skill and an acute understanding of space and other technicalities. Thus, a reliable and trusted HVAC contractor must be employed for the proper installation of your AC unit. Along with this, a reputable contractor will also ensure that you get your unit from the best manufacturer and of the correct size and type.

We at the Air Con Company offer office air conditioning solutions that include everything right from selecting the correct unit to installation, service and maintenance and repairs.

Thus, these are some of the important factors that you must consider before choosing an air conditioning system for your office.

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