Hot Water System Installation

A heating system that works around you and your home.

hot water system installation

Hot Water Boiler Installation

Ever-changing global events mean we’re all spending more time at home these days. That’s why making sure you have a heating system that works faultlessly around you and your family, is all the more important.


Customisable Heating

Take advantage of renewable and traditional heating sources to heat your space, within your budget.

Money-saving options

Saving energy by using the highest energy efficient solutions, will save you money in the long run.

Smart & Easy Control

Take control of your climate from anywhere and stay on top of energy consumption and costs.

Heating & Hot Water Systems

Our skilful, professional and efficient engineers can provide you with the fast and efficient assistance in the installation and servicing of heating systems including new boilers from a wide range of high quality manufacturers. While our many years’ industry knowledge and expertise ensures everything runs smoothly and that you’re always well-placed and well-informed to make the right choices and ensure you know what to expect during this process.



Hot Water Heating Options

When it comes to heating water it is important to be highly energy efficient. More than 40% of the water we consume everyday is hot water. There are two types of hot water heating and we will help you choose which best suits you. 

hot water boiler

Daikin’s Altherma ST Thermal 

Extended compatibility, anti-legionella water tank, designed with smart-grid-ready functionality to produce and store water at low energy tariff periods.

Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless Steel Tanks

High-quality insulation reduces heat loss at a minimum and increases temperature from 10°C to 50°C in one hour, being compatible with a heat pump, gas boiler or separate tank.

Hot Water Heating System Replacement

So it goes without saying that when you need a new or replacement heating system, you want absolutely the best fit for your property. Thankfully, whether it’s a commercial or residential building, The Aircon Company can deliver all the heating and plumbing services required to meet your needs when it matters most. On time, and to budget.

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